Upgrade to Angular version 1.3 or 1.4?

6 Jun

Opinion … assumptions … questions really … by an angular developer that need to be validated/answered in order to make an informed decision.

Upgrade to Angular v1.3.x Upgrade to Angular v1.4.x
[Pro] New syntax (like one way binding) allows you to optimize your code better [Pro] New syntax (like one way binding) allows you to optimize your code better
[Pro] Is on v1.3.16 as of June 2015, likely to have less breaking changes moving forward? [Con] Is on v1.4.0 as of June 2015, much more likely to have breaking changes despite best intentions?
[Con] Angular team cannot be as creative with solutions as they really want, hands are tied, so issues doesn’t get as much love and attention? [Pro] Angular team can do more so it gets lots of love an attention?
[Pro] 3rd party modules can keep up more easily? [Con] 3rd party modules haven’t caught up?
[Con] 3rd party modules developers decided to skip intermittent support, what’s the point in grinding so hard, right? [Pro] 3rd party modules developers decided to provide support for latest and greatest?

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Awesome Tech Companies

30 May


I’ll evaluate and rate the best technology companies that caught my eye, either as an investment opportunity or an interesting place to work. This does not imply that the companies in my list are hiring or seeking investment. It just means that I’m interested in them.

*Company *Like to Invest In *Like to Work At *NO Qs Asked *Some Qs Asked *Points
Bitnami 9=4+3+2
OAuth.io 9=4+3+2
Gitter.im 9=4+3+2
Zapier 9=4+3+2
Resin.io 8=4+3+1
WIOMW 6=4+2
Runnable 5=4+1
Stackedit 5=4+1
Wistia 5=4+1
Matchist 4=3+1
Mashape 4=3+1

Rows are sorted high-to-low by sum of the weight for each checkbox … once again, here’s my evaluation criteria:
* Who would I back, no questions asked? (4 points)
* Who would I back, some questions asked? (3 points)
* Places I’d like to work, no questions asked? (2 points)
* Places I’d like to work, some questions asked? (1 point)

Hello world!

4 Oct

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